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Why preparation is so important.

Concrete preparation is key when coating your floor. Most coating adhesion problems arise from poor surface preparation. To achieve a good bond with your concrete floor, the surface must be chemically clean of dirt or any other contaminants and it must have a mechanical etch, or profile. Because concrete is porous, it will hold oils, chemicals or other penetrating substances that can act as a barrier and prevent the coating from adhering properly. Without a good profile, the chances of your coatings becoming chipped or breaking up altogether are greatly increased and your floors life expectancy is reduced.

Creative Concrete Coatings “shot blasts” every floor we coat. Shot blasting will strip, clean and etch the floor all at once for optimum adhesion. The surface then is clean, chemical free, dry and ready to coat. Other means of preparation are diamond grinding, scarification, sand and screening.

Benefits of coating you concrete floors

  • Attractive
  • Clean ability No Down Time!
  • Slip resistant
  • Durable
  • Chemical resistant

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