Welcome to Creative Concrete Coatings!

We specialize in concrete floor coating applications for Industrial, Commercial and Residential floors. We offer a wide variety of floor coating installations:

  • M.M.A.'s (e.g., liquid plexiglass coatings) 1 hour cure time in between each coating application (resulting in less downtime.) Same day installation.
  • Epoxies and urethanes
  • Decorative Flake and Quartz systems
  • Full range of pigmented systems
  • Non-slip applications

No Down Time!

What a difference a day makes! In production, time is money....so minimizing downtime for flooring projects is critical. We can get you back in business faster with M.M.A. seamless flooring.

That's why 70% of our business is applying M.M.A.'s due to low down time. M.M.A. acrylic resins cure fully in One Hour and can be returned to full service immediately. In contrast, epoxy resins take a day or more to cure and may not be useable by vehicular traffic for up to 5 days.

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